Can the shape of the jammer be changed at will?

Jammer also called interceptor jammers, in fact, when we close the car remote control car key, Car jammer also the issue of the same wave, but a number of large electrical jammers can interfere with reception at the lock of car remote control the signal. The remote control will be in a temporary fault state.

After activating the central locking of your car, do you check that the doors are indeed closed? Indeed, the signal emitted by your key-remote control or your hands-free card can be scrambled remotely using electronic boxes which are easy to obtain. Suddenly, without knowing it, your car remains open and you can be robbed without breaking and entering. Here are our tips to avoid this attack.

A very simple principle

The frequency portable jammer is a small box, barely the size of a cigarette packet, that can affect the proper functioning of vehicle electronic keys.

The perpetrators are therefore located a short distance from their victim. They are waiting for the latter to lock its doors, or at least thinking of doing so … Because the box prevents the closing signal from being taken into account.

The vehicle then remains open, it only remains to wait for the owner to move away from it to go inside for help.

Auto insurance: is audiovisual equipment covered?

Car radio and GPS are the preferred targets of thieves. These elements are covered by the Theft guarantee, as soon as they are fitted as standard. If it is not the case, it will be necessary to add a specific guarantee in your car insurance contract.

In the meantime, remember to keep your equipment away from view, or even take your GPS with you when you leave your vehicle.

Where do the jammers come from?

Like electronic boxes capable of starting a car, frequency jammers are not difficult to find, on the Internet or on the black market.

Back to basic precautions:

Stay close to your car to close it, Check that the locks are properly locked: thanks to the warnings and noise that signal the closing, by operating the door handles (be careful not to re-open your vehicle if you use a hands-free card); Finally, if in doubt, or if the batteries in your remote control key are defective, use the mechanical key that is inevitably found in your remote control key or your hands-free card. Be aware that jammers can also neutralize the closing of gates or blinds. Also be vigilant when leaving your garage, and watch for its complete closure.

Precautions to take

There’s no point in becoming paranoid, you just need to be a little more careful than usual when you lock your car. Check that the small noise that usually accompanies closing has indeed sounded – usually accompanied by a brief warning light from the headlights. If in doubt, do not hesitate to try to open the door, you will be fixed and more serene.