Does the electromagnetic wave caused by the jammer work affect human health?

In the exam room if you have to use jammers has been controversial, take a look at some of the views by following some examples

Mr. Christophe Béchu drew the attention of the Minister of National Education to the use of mobile phones in the context of a school establishment. More and more young people have a mobile phone that can have repercussions on school life: they are sometimes used during lessons to the detriment of the listening and concentration necessary for learning and the respect due to educational staff. He asked him for the government’s point of view on the possible establishment of jammers in educational establishments.

The other controversy raised by the implementation of geolocation 4G jammer is that of the health effects of electromagnetic waves. Numerous studies tend to show that these waves, when using a portable, would be harmful to health. They would therefore be dangerous during the transmission of a message. However, the jammer, to be effective, emits electromagnetic waves continuously which makes it possible to channel the electromagnetic wave carrying the message at any time. It would therefore be more harmful than the laptop itself and would be contrary to the precautionary principle. The European Union has also spoken out on the protection of the general public from electromagnetic fields.

The Council proposes limit values ​​in its recommendation dated July 12, 1999. Finally, it is forced to note that the portable ones are in constant increase among the young people these last years. Increasingly, they are a pollution for any teacher but they are above all, sophisticated instruments and easy to hide to allow fraud in exams. The April 2011 national education report, which contained the beginnings of the May 3, 2011 circular, further restricts the use of mobile phones by prohibiting them during exams such as the baccalaureate test. The GSM jammer would then be a solution. However, GSM waves are no longer the only ones used in electronic communications. Indeed, there is also EDGE, 3G or 4G. These waves use frequencies quite different from those of GSM waves. Thus, a GSM Jammer will not be able to avoid the use of laptops using these other frequencies.

The use of jammers in the examination room, there are advantages and disadvantages, using it at the right time is more good than bad.Use jammers to protect their principle, they can use protection at the same time legitimate rights and interests of others