Jammers can prevent drone activity

US federal authorities announced a new drone policy last month: Entertainment drone operators will be required to register their aircraft. Transport Minister Anthony Foxx explained why a new policy is needed: “People who break the rules cannot determine responsibility.” The task force will develop a guide by the end of the month. This measure will largely manage and standardize entertainment drones, but don’t forget to buy our professional tools for drone jammer to interfere with drones … we will show powerful fixed control signal switches that can stop drones , WiFi, GPS signal and remote control signal distance 433MHz 315MHz.

The registration policy is implemented after the accident, but it is not responsible. “Registration helps ensure that operators understand the rules and are accountable to the public, flying irresponsible drones, and when the flight is dangerous, they will know the consequences”

Drones have more users and hobbyists, and these newcomers ignore the rules and place aircraft in danger of national airspace. A certain level of training is required. If we don’t want to fly on an airplane, it may fall (which is impossible), we hate noisy sounds and worry about having a fixed camera or GPS inside … will help us solve any problems. Wireless Wi-Fi, a drone that uses radio waves and GPS signals. Signal jammers can send RF waves to prevent devices within range from establishing and maintaining a connection. After the long-range jammer captures the drone signal, it will return to the previously given flight path. The drone will not fly without direction and attack, the remote control just wants to tell him where I protect.