Can cell phone jammers be used in prison?

As we have seen, Oklahoma has the highest rate of imprisonment. One of the positive results of this is that Oklahoma now has a growing black market to smuggle prisons to provide jobs and opportunities for people living in the United States or flying drones. One of Oklahoma ’s private prisons, but now this smuggling problem is quickly resolved, and jammers solve it all perfectly.

As in real life, high-quality smartphones are one of the best products on the black market. Prisoners are also human beings. They also have the habit of being addicted to chemistry, and they waste time.

Naturally, non-existent power does not think this is a good idea. They tried to put cell phone portable jammer in jail: we would be as difficult as many people to believe that the 10,000 illegal cell phones taken away were for criminal purposes. Let me ask readers: When was the last time you had no mobile phone in the past ten years? That’s right, assuming some prisoners are using mobile phones to view high-quality YouTube clips and search for interesting prison memes, is this reasonable? If I am a prisoner, I will most likely do it.

But to be honest, before I want to buy a mobile phone, I will be someone else’s dog. What I just want to say is that I do n’t think all mobile phones are operated by “gangs that used to commit crimes inside and outside prison”. Of course, some of them are, but not all. Entrust mobile phone services, but let them play games on their phones when they go to the bathroom. Let them send each other souvenirs in the yard. At least many of them will concentrate on trying dangerous things.