GPS jammer proof-of-concept system

At the end of August 2015, Chronos Technology Ltd successfully demonstrated the camera technology triggered by the GPS jammer during the official GPS jamming test in the military jammer training area of ​​Sennybridge, Wales, Gloucestershire, UK.

The JammerCam ™ camera technology triggered by GPS Jammer was jointly developed by the University of Bath and Chronos Technology Ltd. ’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This development was carried out as part of the “AJR” project. Sensor Internet “Feasibility Study Contest.

These tests allow JammerCam ™ devices to be tested in outdoor environments, where a series of gps jammer are hidden. These jammers are hidden in individually passing vehicles or fleets, including cars, trucks, and containers. Disturbance-triggered camera sensor technology successfully identified and photographed vehicles hosted by the jammer at all test cases and at all speeds and powers. In all cases, the vehicle is stuck in the center of the frame, so only one image is needed, which greatly reduces the bandwidth required between the sensor and the web server.

The photo of the vehicle identified with the interference is then sent to the Web server via the mobile network, where it is distributed to the target email address in the form of a hypertext link. Then, within seconds of the camera jamming the jammer, the image can be called actionable intelligence.

Professor Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos, said: “In 2014, the University of Bath demonstrated a proof-of-concept system during the Sennybridge GPS interference test. Then, we had to overcome major challenges, the most important of which was to fully automate the system. Only take photos of vehicles that contain jammers. We know that even low-power cigarette lighter-type jammers emit enough detectable interference to create bubbles around the vehicle, which makes it difficult to determine whether the vehicle is jammed The host of the jammer. Our two biggest discoveries were to identify the vehicle in the convoy containing the jammer and find and grab a container.