UAV signal jammer is the most common jammer

Blocking the GPS receiver will directly affect the drone’s ability to accurately attack the target. AC-130W Stinger II is a person we know flying over Syria and Iraq. It relies heavily on precision-guided ammunition, including GPS guidance, such as GBU-39 / B. The Common Drone Jammer Gun on the market is a fully integrated countermeasure for a rifle that is suitable for a variety of drone models. Although it looks like the most brutal weapon you have ever seen, it is actually a powerful drone jammer that can interfere with multiple drone frequencies.

Russia has now established the ability to encrypt and intercept drone video streams. The country has a variety of electronic warfare tool systems that can interrupt transmissions and transmit false information over the network, including “spoofing” GPS signals and possibly sending groups and vehicles, such as B. UAV signal jammers. The most common interference It will interfere with the frequency of the drone.

Especially in Syria, there is increasing evidence that the US military is largely concerned about the risk of GPS jammers or other interference with navigation networks. The theater is the first report that says we publish a summary of the US Air Force Intelligence Service at least once a week in 2016. We have carefully processed this form through the Freedom of Information Act, which contains the entire chapter content and questions.

UAV jammers can interfere with radio frequency and locate UAV signals. UAV signal jammers disrupt the control functions of commercial drones. Many countries are ready to fight between robots. For example, high-performance drone jammers have been successfully tested on drones around 300 meters. “In the future I plan to use screens to make jammers.” Ens Hosni said his company is seeking permission from the relevant authorities to sell the signal jammer to both parties. “I also hope that the research committee can identify the device and apply for a patent.”