Jammers become a part of our lives

With the rapid development of science and technology, smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We can use it to search for messages, back up data, record information, etc., thereby making our work easier. However, if you give us comfort, you have considered many security risks that may be brought to us.

While experiencing the excitement of mobile phones, we use mobile phone networks to search for national events, find the required information, and even use mobile phones for location navigation. All our information will also be recorded, copied and reported. Like other mobile software, when we navigate to a location in a new location, the software also stores and transmits our location information. Is it really safe? If you use a gps blocker to interfere with GPS and mobile phone signals, you can be in a safe environment.

According to the Quartz website, on November 23, the Russian Satellite Network reported that the Android phone we have been using has been collecting and recording our information since the beginning of 2017, and then sending the data to Google, even if we shut it down The location function of the phone is disabled. This operation is still in progress, which is why people have always paid attention to privacy protection.

Quartz surveys show that even if the user has taken various protective measures, for example, the application can track the location information of the device without using a mobile phone to close all location information software, or they are not suitable for SIM cards. The Android device used to track users is officially confirmed by Google. Use GPS Tracker Blocker to prevent recording of location.

In fact, many mobile phone software products, including some large companies, have long been collecting various information about mobile phone data, such as B. Displaying to people nearby, browsing nearby restaurants, online shopping, social chat and other very Thoughtful service. To this end, information about the phone will be recorded and saved.

There are many software or programs specific to our location on the phone or in life. This kind of persecution is unknown to us. We only know the potential dangers of telling others or browsing articles. We must beware of mobile phones. Tracking this phenomenon If you feel persecuted by others, or to prevent tracking in the future, you must be prepared to interfere with the GPS signal in advance.