Jammers are generally installed in places where people cannot see

Although the current warden Gladwin Samuels said yesterday that although the cell phone jammer was installed in the Camp Street Prison before the fire and escape on July 9, it has been stopped due to certain problems. Use them.

“There is a reason for these initially installed jammers… we need to take steps to avoid using them. I can’t disclose them here, but before the fire broke out, these jammers were installed in Camp Street Prison, but the setbacks mean They are not being used,” he said at a press conference yesterday, answering questions about prisoners’ continued possession of mobile phones and their frequent use of social media.

During raids on prisons across the country, the authorities found dozens of mobile phones and other prohibited items. Last year, one of the recommendations of the Commission of Investigation (CoI) regarding camp fires was “the need to install an effective portable jammer system for all mobile phones.” If it is not in the entire prison, it is recommended to install it in a high-risk safe area.

According to this suggestion, a large number of phone calls were discovered during the prison raid, and observers repeatedly questioned how the prisoners managed to send them to the prison without being discovered. Recently, prisoners living in Lusignan ranch have updated their Facebook page and posted pictures of their surroundings. Some people also carried out animal tracking and live cattle slaughter. Samuel told reporters that prisoners protect their phones in different ways, but he did not disclose any information. Last year’s CoI learned that items such as telephones were smuggled into prisons in “pouches”, and prisoners would hide contraband in their anus.

Samuel just said yesterday that some of the perpetrators are “real men” and others are “different secrets.” He added that the latter will be launched in different places. “But I can say with certainty that we found a’real man’ who protected one of the phones because after he was cleaned and subsequently cleaned, he was found on the phone and… if you You must do this for a reasonable reason. He said: “You can’t just search the prisoners’ caves because this will create serious conditions in the prison. ”

Samuel added that the public can speculate about what should and can be done, but “the reality is that we have to use violence to perform certain actions. If we do, it will trigger another situation, which is almost certainly not Get ready. If we do, we will be punished for working so cruelly.”

He admitted that he was concerned about the fact that prisoners had cell phones and broadcast live on Facebook. He said: “I’m a bullshit, but [Prison Odinga] Wickham is dead. If you use prison officials and other personnel from the Joint Services Department to confront these extremely angry people, there will be another A situation.” Before adding that he spoke to his officials two hours before the press conference, “the many frustrations shown by these people (prisoners) are beyond the control of the prison department.”

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan told reporters that in the two ranch sanitation exercises, in addition to the “full set of weapons”, 22 mobile phones were found for the first time and 27 mobile phones were found for the second time. He said: “They are smart people and pointed out that the situation is dangerous and the authorities are not willing to take risks.” Security guards will enter there, and then when you conduct a search, it is almost impossible because. “They put it somewhere underground.”

Ramjatan said that the prison authorities are aware of the current restrictions and are using security forces to try to take all these “things that are foreign to prisoners from prisoners.” When asked if the security failed because the prisoner had a phone, he said: “This is not necessarily the case. Know our situation that night… There are a lot of people, we have to take care of it, they may be like in the first Hiding in a round of disinfection.” He asked the officials how thorough this situation might be. He said: “I don’t mean to say that we didn’t do a good job. The perfect job we will never know… After all, all you know may be a phone call or two.”