UAV jammer is the longest range jamming device

With the help of new mobile phone jammers, these drones can interrupt communications at 135 miles from the starting position. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on November 6 that the country has expanded the range of its drone jammers to 100 kilometers or 60 miles. the above. UAVs are not only platforms, but also not only the targets of electronic warfare. This means that the sight of robots in flight can signal an impending strike and a sudden inability to seek help.

Samuel Bent, a research analyst at the Naval Analysis Center, said: “Russia has been using mobile phone jammers installed on drones for many years.” These drones work in a pod, and there are two in the pod. To three vehicles and a ground station, they are combined into an “empty 3” system.

Bendit said: “When these drones fly in groups, one acts as a signal and communication relay, and the other acts as a drone jammer.” “These three empty systems have existed for two years.” What changed is The range of the jammer. The Orlan 10 drone has a range of 75 miles, which means that the drone pod can interfere with signals up to 135 miles from the launch site of the latest jammer installed on the drone. TASS reports that the 60-mile range is 3.5 times greater than the original range.

Bendit said: “The Ukrainian armed forces claim to have discovered the Leer-3 system in eastern Ukraine, and there is potential evidence that Leer-3 has also been used in Syria.” “The Russian armed forces continue to train Leer-3 drones while practicing. Use enemy signals and cellular communications to suppress, identify and ultimately destroy enemy forces. In fact, this training is part of the official [tactics, technology, and procedures of electronic warfare and other units of the Russian army.”

The development of electronic warfare is one of the key components of the development of military autonomous systems. UAVs are currently engaged in electronic warfare with cellular communications, but it is not difficult to imagine the same courses used with new technologies. In this case, it is easy to imagine other vehicles becoming jammers on the battlefield in the future or even on the current battlefield.