Jammers can block local cell phone signals

Prior to President Trump’s visit to London last month, the British media had been wildly speculating about what special security measures would be taken to protect him. Newspapers worry about many major issues (street closures, traffic jams), but they also raise more specific concerns: Will the British government selectively block cell phone signal bushes on the president’s route? If this is done, then no matter whether it is shutting down the cellular network along its path or blocking the local cell phone signal, nearby cell phones will be unavailable.

In fact, they have not yet blocked the phone. But this incredible preventive measure is not the result of the British imagination. Mobile jammers-already used by security experts and ordinary citizens on the Internet-are surprisingly useful (and widely used) tools, and they are easily as popular as the mobile phones themselves.

A honeycomb “security bubble” in London can protect Bush from a very real threat: terrorists use mobile phones to detonate bombs from miles away or even from another country. By connecting a mobile phone to the hidden explosive and then calling the mobile phone, the bomb can be detonated (the charge that activates the phone’s ringtone is used as a trigger signal). In May 2018, Palestinian militants in Tel Aviv connected a bomb to a mobile phone. The bomb was connected to a refueling truck at Israel’s largest fuel station, almost causing a serious explosion. (The bomb exploded, but the fire was extinguished.)

The physical process of interfering with mobile phones is actually very simple. Cellular phones work by sending signals within the electromagnetic spectrum reserved for their use. Any mobile phone portable jammer device must transmit signals on these same frequencies and will interfere with any device trying to transmit within this range. The net effect of unfortunate mobile phone users? The phone screen will only indicate that no signal is available. Usually, most people will not even notice that the phone is stuck. They just think that they have come to an end-feel bored.

Brave consumers may get the same technology as the security bubbles surrounding moving politicians. These sites provide a variety of blocking agents at reasonable prices.

Those looking for a more rugged and durable alternative can buy a larger device that will cover a radius of about 100 feet. The police used large jammers to cut off mobile communications under unstable conditions, thereby isolating hostage-takers and other bad actors from the outside world. Company security officials can use them to deter innovative industrial spies with many new techniques. Nowadays, the meeting room Mata Hari can buy mobile phones that seem to be turned off to answer incoming calls. During a business meeting, she can put her phone on the table and apologize for going to the toilet. Once she is gone, she can call the phone number she left and listen to the other person’s speech when she is away. Is it weird? Maybe, but this threat is a marketing hook for new products, Netline cell activity, should be able to detect phones hidden in the room. The same logic requires the installation of cell phone jammers to ensure complete confidentiality in your office or at least in the conference room where important negotiations are conducted.