Cell phone jammers are the best equipment to prevent cell phones from blocking cell phones

It is a trend to use cell phones in prison interceptors to keep prisoners in cell phones, such as the correct Alabama service, Montgomery plans to use in some prisons. They plan to install a “managed” entry system for prison facilities, and there are three prisons in Elmore County.

In addition, the department also asked the Alabama Legislature to allocate $4 million to install similar systems in the Bieber, Donaldson, Fontaine, and St. Clair Correctional Funds. Prison guards said that prisoners used mobile phones in public fraud, extorted money from relatives, and coordinated drug delivery in prisons. They must stop them.

It is the best equipment to prevent cell phones from blocking cell phones. For use in prisons, we recommend that you use 70W high-power cell phone signals, cheap cell phone portable jammer suitable for 3G, 4G LTE and directional antennas. The cell phone blocker has been fixed in the prison, some prisoners who cannot hide and use your cell phone cannot use medium-sized devices and cannot receive 3G .2G 4G cell phones, calls and text. This is the reason for the installation of cell phone jammers in Alabama prisons.

Blocker we are talking about a metallic look to protect internal components and parts-you know, maybe some prisoners of hatred and bad things… plus there are different buttons that can be switched to prevent other channels from appearing in frequency, we saw two A cooling fan is used for cooling, which is a way to maintain cooling, with more stable performance and wider range. Integrated circuit protection to prevent damage due to antenna short circuit or disconnection. The telephone interceptor weighs about 19 kilograms and is a fixed signal shielding prison. Of course, depending on the signal strength in the area, the footprint of the device is about 20 to 100 meters (radius) @-75 dBm. In this way, the phone blocker can also be used in other public and private places.