A wireless signal jammer is a device that blocks the reception of signals through

A wireless signal jammer is a device used to block signal transmission from devices that operate by receiving signals. We seem to get rid of unexpected interference and live a safer life. This is a brief introduction of our wireless signal interference products. Our mini phone jammer is portable wireless. It looks like the shape of a mobile phone and is very portable. It can effectively block GSM and 3G signals as well as WiFi and GPS signals. After special adjustments, the following mobile phone frequency ranges can be destroyed: GSM (850-970 Mhz), GPS (1500-1600 Mhz), WiFi (2400-2480 Mhz). The wireless signal jammer emits low-power radio signals to cut off communication between the base station and all nearby mobile phones. But it cannot interfere with mobile phones with a working radius of 10 meters! Moreover, its appearance is definitely a spy gadget. Moreover, it sells for only US$99, so anyone can afford it

The business manager encountered a new problem. When setting tasks, most employees are “community leaders.” I cannot concentrate on the content of the meeting. In order to improve efficiency, many companies have installed mobile phone jammers. Spend thousands of dollars. I sold a mobile jammer online. According to industry insiders, it may have been installed illegally. At the last meeting, half of employees took notes, but more than 90% of employees were looking at their mobile phones.

I ran into new troubles at the private reception. I am worried about “meeting depression syndrome”. Many company executives and supervisors have moved to treat the common “meeting depression syndrome.” Join the rule that mobile phones are not allowed. It is reported that signal portable jammer are also used. According to the information received from the computer department, please make sure to purchase a WiFi jammer. Fully accept a week’s work within a limited time of 1-2 hours. Many employees complained after using jammers. The effect will be obvious. The business volume this month has increased by 10%. The use of jammers can improve performance. GPS jammers are a popular product of the company. The most expensive is 3 dollars or 4,000 dollars. The signal cut-off range is different. There are many companies buying small jammers. It is located in the meeting room.

I usually don’t use this GPS jammer. What are these electronic devices doing? The deputy director of the Contemporary Education Technology Center said that he will use a jammer to build a standardized test room. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, if you want to be a test center for the graduate entrance exam, you need to have a standardized test room. Surveillance cameras and jammers are standard laboratory equipment. Mobile jammers maintain a fair environment to ensure smooth and safe inspections. Most exams use mobile phone signal jammers to achieve the fairness of the exam. The development of mobile phones has promoted the development of telephone jammers. Mobile phone signal jammers can help students learn. WiFi jammer is definitely a good security product.