Jammers are harming citizens’ freedom of communication

Advanced technology has brought convenience to mankind. Since the base station transmitting power of the mobile station is extremely high, the closer to the base station, the worse the shielding effect. In foreign countries, mobile phone signal jammers are not new. In the past two years, sales have begun in the Chinese market. gps jammer were installed in some parts of the classroom to prevent cheating. However, for an increasing number of citizens, the misuse of such devices will damage citizens’ freedom of communication.

The mobile phone was originally invented to talk to someone when needed. But with the passage of time, things have changed. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only phones, but also computers, portable entertainment devices, Internet terminals, wallets, GPS navigation projects, movie theaters, etc. Now you can see that everyone carries a mobile phone with them every time they go everywhere, sit, walk, eat, shop, and party. So, have you noticed the problem now? When praying in the church, someone said loudly, would there be a problem with the phone? Is there a problem with the phone ringing when watching a movie in the cinema? Or, what if someone yelled to his cell phone in the library? Yes, we can now agree that misuse of mobile phones can cause serious problems. We need to find a way to stop using mobile phones in certain places. For this, we need cell phone jammers.

Another important fact is that people need to get rid of their mobile phones and it is unwise to spend too much time on them. Because there is a saying that the possibility of cell phones causing cancer is hyped. In fact, the use of mobile phones has exploded in recent years. For the sake of convenience, our use of mobile phones as a means of communication is beyond reproach. However, the fact that people are addicted to mobile phones cannot be ignored. Maybe this is just a rumor, but spending too much energy on this is really harmful to your health, because you can see the importance of jammers. Cell phone signals can not only stop the phone signal, but also use the jamming device to cut off the WiFi GPS signal at the same time. . You can do it now.