Mobile phone jammer has power shielding distance and shielding function

High-power GPS jammers are one of the best choices for keeping a quiet, noise-free environment on your phone. 4G signal jammer can provide a lot of help for your work and life. c. This high-performance jammer can not only block all 3G and 4G signals, but also block LoJack signals. It can block 3G, 4G and Wimax 4G LTE. The maximum shielding radius is 40m, depending on the signal strength of a specific area. Thousands of mobile phones are held in prison every year. There are strict standards for installing mobile handheld jammer. It aims to prohibit the use of mobile phones in certain areas. There are many ways to stop the signal in the prison. One of them uses telephone interference, the latter sends signals and therefore does not receive local signals. Manage fraudulent ringing. Detect mobile phone activity in designated areas. You can ensure the effect. Use a specific frequency range.

I have some knowledge of smartphone jammers. We will use this equipment in a large test site. In fact, it can already be widely used in prisons before it can be used at the test site. Detainees are prohibited from contacting the outside world. The prison cannot guarantee that you do not have a mobile phone. In this case, WiFi shadow works. In order to use radio waves safely and reliably, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set a standard value for the intensity of radio waves based on the results of domestic and foreign research in the past decades, and is bound by the Radio Law. doing. Specifically, in places where the intensity of the transmitted radio waves from mobile phone base stations and broadcasting stations exceeds the standards of the radio wave protection guidelines, fences will be installed to prevent the public from entering. It is often interrupted by the sound of mobile phones. It’s hard to enjoy your time. I want to enjoy food and coffee, and read quietly. Someone did start talking loudly on the phone. That is a bad thing. This problem may be exacerbated. Request to shut down the phone. No effect. At this time, we will start operating the jammer. The device existed a few years ago. However, few people use this machine.