Radio frequency band captured by jammers in noisy areas

It is easy to buy devices that interfere with wireless signals on the Internet, such as mobile phones, GPS signals, Wi-Fi systems, etc. The working principle of the jammer is to cover the radio frequency band to be captured in noisy areas. Since these devices are inexpensive devices that are not approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), they usually emit noise in other frequency bands. The US cell frequency band is adjacent to the 800 MHz frequency band where Nextel is deployed. Some public safety, government and commercial systems are adjacent, so these signals may interfere with the target frequency band.

This gps blocker is used in schools, restaurants and other places where car owners want to prevent people from making and answering calls inside. Recently, the prison is considering deploying jammers to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones in the prison. It is illegal to own a mobile phone in prison, but again, it does not seem to prevent prisoners from owning a mobile phone.

Recently, many prisons have united and asked the FCC to allow internal congestion and wait for judgment. There are many problems with this “solution” method. The most important thing is that the guards will not be able to use their mobile phones, and if the prison radio frequency is close to one of the mobile phone groups, the guards will not be able to use their mobile phones. The phone may not even be able to use the intercom. If medical staff, police or firefighters are called into a prison and their radio system is in the 800 MHz frequency band, once they enter the prison gate, they may die. communication.

The real solution is to not allow interference. Since most people do not understand the consequences of installing jammers, it will arouse other people’s impulse. They believe that if prisoners can use jammers, he should be able to use jammers.

As a mobile phone user, I want to have the right to use the mobile phone almost anywhere. In unpopular places such as doctors’ offices, theaters and some restaurants, a notice board is usually displayed to remind people entering not to use their mobile phones indoors. Mel Samples runs a mobile phone consulting company in Los Angeles and has worked closely with us over the years to better connect with his mobile phone use in prison.