Large-range jammers will affect surrounding electronic equipment

According to a report in the UK, illegal interference from GPS signals can damage local GPS equipment and cell phone towers. According to a report from TechWeek Europe, Sentinel’s research results were published at the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Vulnerability Conference. In the UK in 2012, more and more interference incidents were discovered. The traffic monitoring station reported 60 violations within six months.

Sean Gallegher wrote in Ars Technica describing the danger of interrupting GPS signals. Mobile phone systems and even power grids rely on GPS signals for time management. gps blocker designed to automatically mask locations can affect other equipment at a distance of 100 meters or more. Strong interference may interfere with signals up to 32 km. Yes, the jammer caused problems at the airport. They are used illegally in the UK, but they are legally owned.

I don’t know that small GPS jammers can cause such damage. Why block the GPS signal? If you did nothing wrong, don’t worry.

I know someone bought this kind of precision jammer in the photo. I think this is more than 100 dollars shipped from China. You can use it to kill my dead AT&T iPhone. He killed his Sprint phone. He killed everything except the equipment he was trying to use.

More sophisticated jammers do not cause “noise,” but they record and replay pseudo-random numbers they receive from different frequencies and generate over time.

People use this kind of jammer to protect their privacy without harming the city’s important infrastructure. In 2009, the daily GPS interruption at Newark Airport was attributed to truck drivers using jammers, which could defeat trackers that follow safe driving rules.

Authorities and warnings, but…in the end…this is what made me want to buy a GPS jammer. The more we are willing to follow the development of public movements, the more we can give the government and enterprises control and supervision. If they want to restore this power one day, it will be difficult for the public to develop.