Mobile jammers can also block GPS signals

In the United States, driving safety has always been a very important issue. Every year, the use of mobile phones while driving causes 5,000 traffic accidents. However, there is no doubt that you cannot prevent young people from using mobile phones. Undoubtedly this is a big problem for road safety. You cannot imagine how dangerous it is for young people to talk on the phone while driving. However, many people do not realize these problems until they become dangerous. This is why we need equipment to drive safely. This device is called a telephone handheld jammer. By using this device, we can effectively prevent drivers from using mobile phones while driving. Therefore, the possibility of accidents caused by distracted driving can be significantly reduced. Therefore, TFL requires parents of young drivers to equip their children’s cars with such devices.

The FCC even issued the following warning on its website: “We remind consumers that using phone jammers or similar devices that deliberately block, block, or interfere with authorized radio communications violate federal laws. (For example, cell phones, police radar, GPS, and Wi-Fi ), despite the requirements of some businesses, consumers cannot legally use jammers in the United States, and retailers cannot legally sell them.” The fine is not a joke. In 2014, a man in Florida used jammers to block other drivers. Standing by his phone and working and was fined 48,000 dollars. LaGuardia Airport was fined nearly $32,000 and fired GPS Jammer, so his boss could not track him. He accidentally interfered with communications at the airport. High-power GPS jammers are one of the best choices for keeping a quiet, noise-free environment on your phone. The 4G signal jammer can provide a lot of help for your work and life. The mobile phone jammer has the power shielding distance and shielding function. This high-performance jammer can not only block all 3G and 4G signals, but also block LoJack signals. It can block 3G, 4G and Wimax 4G LTE. The maximum shielding radius is 40m, depending on the signal strength of a specific area.