Signal jammers will be turned on during the exam to prevent cheating

With the emergence and popularity of smart phones, their functions become more and more perfect, and gradually become smarter, your smart phone may know yourself better than you. Today, smartphones are important tools for us, and they are even more important for us in terms of communication, social networking and storage. Smartphones have almost become a part of our body, and our lives cannot be separated from it. It is not only a record of every moment of our lives, but we also store important information, whether it is our personal photos or family photos, or our accounts. Information is almost all stored in our mobile phones. This is because smart phones store information about us, so hackers attacked our phones and attacked our smart phones in order to obtain important information about us.

As we study for further improvement, we have more and more contact with exams, and facing exams has become more and more important, especially in the important qualification exams of universities. The exam is a kind of certification for us. It is our knowledge of exams that gives us the skills in future work. In China, the requirements for English knowledge and skills are relatively high, so the cet4 and cet6 test certifications have been opened. Students who have passed the two certification exams will have more opportunities in future jobs, because many companies pay more attention to English knowledge and skill. Therefore, many universities attach great importance to these two exams, on the one hand for the students’ future career development planning, on the other hand, to make the school have a better employment rate. Against such a large background, the importance of these exams is that cheating is not allowed. In order to prevent cheating, relevant institutions will send teachers to supervise the exams. With the emergence of signal jammer, not only will teachers be arranged to teach in, but also signal jammers will be turned on during these exams.