The durability of GPS signal jammers is very good

The equipment used to interfere with GPS signals varies by type. Portable blockers are the most popular kind of GPS blockers. Portable jammers are easy to use and carry, and are much cheaper than large gps jammer. The price of a portable signal interceptor is usually around one to two hundred dollars. How to choose a clean GPS signal jammer for you? For those who know little about it, it is really difficult to buy a frequency suppressor. Generally, you can follow the rule of thumb regarding the price of GPS jammers: the larger the working radius, the higher the price. The shielding range of conventional signal jammers is about 30 meters, and some types of high-end detectors can even block GPS signals 1.5 kilometers away. There is no doubt that these blockers are much more expensive than ordinary inhibitors. In addition to price, there are many other aspects to consider, including structure and durability. If you want to install gps signal shielding equipment in a larger outdoor area, you must pay more for high-end waterproof design. Also, the direction of the antenna can be different.

Smart phones are the most widely used GPS positioning technology. Today’s mobile phones do not have GPS functions and are almost unpopular among people. No one would choose to buy them. For the application of GPS positioning technology in smart phones, the convenience of people’s lives far outweighs the disadvantages. Not only in navigation, but also in many mobile applications, you need GPS to locate the city you live in. GPS positioning can bring us a lot of convenience, but it may also put us in danger. The number of cases tracked by GPS is not a minority. We know from the news that many criminals use GPS to conduct criminal activities for their victims. GPS-equipped devices may be accessories for their crimes, such as our mobile phones, smart watches, or even cars or other products.