Will mobile phone jammers affect human health?

According to the Xiamen Evening News, at 10:30 last Tuesday night, the teacher at Shengguan had already completed his name, and the boarding students at Xiangxiang Xiang Middle School found no signal. Then, the students went back to the idea of ​​the “white box” that the school put in the dormitory a few days ago, thinking it was a “mobile cell phone jammer.” Since the jammer is only separated from the student’s bed, many students and parents worry about the impact of the jammer on their health.

A middle school student next door told reporters that every half of the night at 10:00, the half-pipe teacher started working under the name of this GSM jammer. The students on the mobile phone had no signal, and the emergency call function could not be used until it was 7 or 8 the next day. restore.

Some parents may think that children need to use mobile phones to deal with possible dangerous situations. But how can schools use mobile phones with confidence? The principal of a school in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to parents that their school was only taking phones away from children who would not stop using them for a few weeks. The parents were not impressed. Some people think that if children are taught not to use the phone in class, then all they have to do is teach them to respect the phone. But when they see their parents using them for dinner, walking on the street, or even driving, what should the children think? Should teachers use cell phone jammers?