Mobile phone jammer prevents company information leakage

Nowadays, telecommunications are becoming more and more popular, which is why it is easy for hackers, businesses and other organizations to monitor the activities of telecommunications users. Within the security range, avoid deliberate sabotage, prevent information theft, and avoid triggering remote or automatic activation of explosive devices that may endanger people’s lives. For security reasons, police and security companies are the main users of frequency suppression systems to ensure the lives of agents (tactical operations) or citizens, barracks or police stations and prisons to prevent communication between prisoners and accomplices or prevent The occurrence of other criminal acts. It is also used to protect public figures, promote the protection of vehicles and senior officials, and use them in a mandatory manner, especially to prevent remote activation of explosives. It is common for civilians to use mobile cell phone jammer, mainly to ensure the safety of company meetings and prevent information leakage; it is very effective in preventing students from cheating in exams and competitions, because the ease of use of the new headset makes spy headsets widely used. Telecommunications technology. Cell phone jammers are an important asset to prevent unnecessary calls in social occasions such as meetings, conferences, theaters, and churches.

Users rarely complain about using mobile phone jammers. “Mobile operators have been monitoring their signals. When they find that their communication is blocked in certain areas, they will send their team to find out the reason. When they find that the manufactured frequency jammers installed in the building are even When communication was also obstructed outside the building, they immediately filed a complaint with the telecommunications regulator,” he said. The Ministry of National Security reported that it has now repaired and upgraded two cell phone jammers at Tower Street Adult Correctional Center. According to the ministry, cell phone jammers will block incoming and outgoing calls to and from the Supreme Security Center. This is part of the measures taken by the government to strengthen the safety of correctional facilities. The ministry stated that it has established a technical working group and is rapidly implementing a strategy that will identify more modern technologies for gradual deployment in all prisons.