Cell phone jammers are used to prevent spoofing tests

If there are frequencies, countermeasures to allow frequency interference are needed. However, the full spectrum of the frequency band is very wide, and it is impossible for cell phone jammer to interfere with all frequencies by themselves. In fact, they can never be broad-spectrum jammers that can block all frequency bands. Therefore, mobile phone jammers are used to target the most common communication frequency bands. Because the development cost of interfering devices is very high, the interfering devices are specifically targeted at the most common frequencies. Among these frequency bands (the most common ones) are as follows: Mobile jammers have recently been mainly concentrated in GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS, 3G and 4G frequencies. These jammers have the function of blocking or disabling audio communication and data transmission over the Internet. It is usually used to avoid security risks and prevent information leakage and theft. It also helps prevent privacy risks. Some phones are used to automatically hold the call to keep the call. “Hear the conversation. These frequencies are also common in GSM 3G spy or spy cameras and microphones, currently 4G; therefore, inhibitors of these frequencies can prevent and eliminate intrusions. Due to signal triangulation, where to avoid, use It can easily locate the user of the mobile phone, which is also very interesting. It is also widely used in universities and schools to avoid using spy headsets or earphones to deceive the test.

Have you ever thought about giving yourself too much time to play various games and entertainment in the world of mobile phones? Do you regret that you spend too little time with your family? If you are still young, don’t let another regret become your regret. Professional cell phone jammer shops will showcase this high-power cell phone jammer, which can help keep cell phone signals away when needed. The mobile phone Bluetooth signal interceptor is designed for 30W power, which can intercept up to 70 meters and cut off 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth signals from all directions. Once you activate the button on the interference kit, no one can resist its power. The WIFI signal within the effective range disappears immediately. Because it uses an omnidirectional antenna, it is very powerful. Therefore, this 2.4G mobile phone jammer uses a built-in cooling fan and a high-quality cooling system. No matter where WIFI is prohibited, you can install a mobile phone signal jammer.