Mobile phone shield has a wide range of applications

What is the most important thing in our lives? Ten years ago, the answer would be different. our friends? Our car? our home? No, the answer now is Cell Phone Wanker and cell phone jammer . You can see everyone on the street holding a mobile phone, no matter where they go or what they do. Mobile phones are very important to all of us. It allows us to communicate with the world at any time. It keeps us online 24 hours a day, and we can browse the Internet every second. In addition to mobile phones, we can also talk to friends and family anytime, anywhere. With the use of mobile phones, the distance to the present day is not a problem. But the problem is also on the phone. In short, using mobile phones in many places where silence is required most of the time can cause noise problems. This type of place includes but does not include restrictions, conference halls, theaters, school examination rooms, courts, libraries, cinemas, hospitals, etc.

If you need a high-power 3G signal mobile phone jammer, it can meet your needs, it uses 4 antenna design, so that you can easily cut off the GSM/3G signal at the same time. Therefore, the design power is large, and the interference range of the adjustable GSM 3G signal jammer can reach 40 meters. This 3G mobile phone signal jammer is also designed with a good cooling fan system, and this 3G mobile phone signal jammer can always maintain a good working condition , Without generating high temperatures that are harmful to jammer signals. So one aspect that people will consider is the application area of ​​this 3G jammer. High-power signal, if you don’t need to worry about this high-power 3G mobile phone jammer, you can easily use it in churches, theaters, concert halls, auditoriums and other places. Libraries, banks and museums are not allowed, but some people Can’t help but talk with mobile phones and other places where mobile phones cannot be used. Can also be used.