Mobile phone jammers have caused a lot of resistance

School is the best place to learn: In school, students must abide by school regulations, do not use mobile phones during their studies, and maintain good teaching habits. Using a mobile cell phone jammer is not a good way to solve the problem, it is just a mandatory measure that will cause many people to resist.

The mobile phone signal jammer device overwhelms the signal from the mobile phone with a stronger signal. This type of device is equipped with several independent oscillators that can send “interfering signals”, thereby blocking the frequency used by the paging device and the frequency used by the control channel of the cellular/PCS system. When such devices are active in a specific area, they prevent (through radio frequency jammers) all pagers and mobile phones in that area from receiving and sending calls.

Within a small area of ​​0-10 meters, the area is within 120 square meters. Low-power mobile phone signal jammer. The shielding effect varies according to the distance between the location and the base station, and the shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. A handheld 4-way 6-terminal mobile phone jammer can be recommended. Low-power shielding through walls will weaken the signal. If you need to go through a wall, it is not recommended to buy a low-power one.