Mobile jammer blocked the central lock of luxury car

Andrzej P. snorted and blocked the central lock of the luxury car to find valuables. Now he must go to jail for two years.

Unable to stop his fateful love for a better life, the office clerk André P. (54) had to go to jail for two years. He funded a noble lifestyle through routine theft, and he carried out the theft using the most sophisticated techniques.

When the luxury car driver was looking for a parking space on Grosse Elbstrasse, the thief was waiting in his car. When the driver left their Mercedes or BMW and wanted to lock their car with the remote control, the office clerk intervened with a cell phone jammer. This prevents the lock function. However, the car owner did not notice that the door was not locked. As soon as they disappeared into the restaurant or shop, the thief calmly evacuated the car.

The “jammer” comes from the UK
This jammer is called Jammer and was purchased by Andrzej P. from the UK. “I have seen reports on mobile phone jammers on TV. I want to make a lot of money selling Jammer in Germany,” the defendant told the Altona District Court yesterday.

But the curiosity was too great at the time. Andrzej P. personally tested the transmitter. And achieved great success. From the luxury cars he aimed at, he captured expensive laptops, fancy clothes, Montblanc pens, iPhones, digital cameras, a Louis Vuitton bag, and even the champagne needed for his feudal life.

But when the police caught him in his behavior, the pain was immense. The police did not treat him kindly and pushed him to the ground cruelly. Therefore, the knee that has been damaged by the elderly thief must be operated on again in January. The defendant stated that he suffered from police phobia since then.