Mobile phone jammers can effectively block radio signals

A cell phone jammer is a device that transmits signals at the same frequency. If the mask is opened, the interference part is successful when the cell phone signal area is closed. Mobile users are becoming more and more popular, so cell phone jammer are more common than electronic devices to turn off mobile signals in specific locations.

A telephone jammer is an instrument used to protect a mobile phone from receiving signals. The mobile jamming device broadcasts the same frequency signal to the GSM modem. If the mobile phone signal is disabled while the mobile jammer is activated, the jamming is considered successful.

A mobile phone is a full-duplex device that can use two frequencies at the same time. One speaks, the other listens. The signals are processed simultaneously. The mobile phone signal jammer can only block one of the frequencies at a time, causing both frequencies to be blocked because the mobile phone thinks that there is no service in this area because only one of them can be obtained. The principle of interrupting a mobile phone is similar to that of 3G interference with other types of radio communications. To use a cell phone, the signal is sent from the cell phone to the cell tower. There are several cell phone towers in a city. When mobile phone users move in an area,

The signal jammer sends the same radio frequency to the mobile phone. The mobile phone jammer will interrupt the communication between the mobile phone and the base station in the tower. Interference, also known as a denial of service attack, prevents the transmission of wireless signals to users in an area with interfering devices.

The working principle of common mobile phone jammers on the market

There are different types of phone jammers on the market. Some devices can only block one frequency, while others can block multiple types of networks at the same time. The latter mode can automatically switch from different networks to find open signals. High-end devices can shield all frequencies at the same time, while other devices can be tuned to specific frequencies.

In short, they will make static or loud noises over a wide frequency range, so loud that a close aircraft cannot connect to the connection it has to connect to. It’s a bit like being next to a sports car engine, opening the hood and trying to talk to someone on the phone. The local noise is too loud, causing the device to fail to connect normally. Quickly cover a series of frequencies, effectively preventing equipment from running.

The load wave frequency of the electromagnetic interference signal is the same as the load wave frequency, so that the acquisition device and the amplifier are used at the same time, and the interference signal is attenuated (reduced) at the acquisition end level. Just like the fake goods of the transport truck (such as interference signal) and the real interference signal of the transport vehicle (such as) the model (carrier frequency), the appearance of the vehicle received from the goods is the same, and the result is really wrong to the sender . The electronic interference power is strong enough and is limited by the interference signal, allowing interference.