Will cell phone jammers endanger public safety?

You often have the impression that mobile phone jammers are installed in certain places. But is it even allowed?

You walk into a store and feel that your network is no longer functioning normally. Do jammers work in these places? What is the legal situation regarding mobile cell phone jammer? Can I use it myself or are there restrictions? We will clean you up.

Our smartphones as everyday companions are now everywhere. Therefore, we can contact at any time. Actually. It looks different when using cell phone jammers. But why do you want to do this?

For example, in a movie theater, it makes sense to use a cell phone jammer, because you should focus on movies at this time and recording is also prohibited. This kind of equipment is of course also very practical in schools, so that students will not be distracted. Especially in the retail industry, if you really have the ability to quickly compare prices through your mobile phone, it will be an obstacle. Stores will also benefit from cell phone jammers.

On the contrary: Anyone who wants to use frequency in Germany needs a subsidy. When using a mobile phone jammer, radio waves are emitted to interfere with reception. According to the Telecommunications Law, allowances will be required. so:

If you still want to use a cell phone jammer, you must contact the Federal Network Administration. Explain them and why they are used. In France, the state monopolizes radio frequencies. France can be deployed at the same time. For example, in prisons, we also recommend that you use jammers in a reasonable and legal manner to protect your rights and legitimate interests, and do not abuse jammers to cause trouble to others and endanger public safety.