Cell phone jammers prevent communication between students

The cell phone owned by the prisoner allows him to communicate with external partners to coordinate escape plans, thereby creating a life-threatening situation for the guards and the public in the area. More often, prison reports indicate that hidden mobile phones are used to harass victims of their crimes, or that a prisoner repeatedly intimidates their victims to persuade the victims to drop the charges or change their stories to raise suspicion of the testimony.

Many prisoners continue to organize illegal drug trade within the prison walls. Mobile phones are an important tool for prisoners to maintain the operation and tight control of drug organizations. By contacting visitors before they arrive, prisoners can arrange for the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so they can continue their illegal habits of being detained. In many cases, family members will be harassed and released on bail from their imprisoned relatives. If the family realizes that their relatives are best detained.

More and more students are using smartphones and electronic products in exams. Because they don’t listen to the teacher carefully in class, they spend too much time playing with smartphones and electronic products instead of doing homework and exams. In order to pass the exam, some of them have no choice but to cheat. Smartphones are the best tool for finding information and linking each other. Therefore, smartphones and electronic products have become recipients of student fraud.

Therefore, cell phone jammer can be a way to prevent students from using their phones. But some people worry about how to do this in an emergency and how to get in touch with their parents. In response, managers should discuss this issue and consider the law. But there is no doubt that if the jammer is used normally, it can certainly help teachers and students.