WiFi jammer guarantees adequate sleep

In some cases, cell phone calls may interfere with other people, such as B. in a movie theater, classroom, or meeting room. Calls are forbidden in some places. The prison will install wifi jammer to prevent prisoners from calling themselves. This kind of “interference” is inappropriate in the hands of individuals, and it is expensive and energy-efficient. They are also a security risk because they can prevent emergency calls.

Computer scientists have now proven that even commercial mobile phones can become complainers when they change software. A team around the Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science Institute exchanged the software on a mobile phone and took advantage of its weakness in the GSM radio standard。

Once they play with mobile phones, they can easily forget the time. Therefore, mobile phones are the main reason for their lack of sleep time. Insufficient sleep can damage your health and also have a negative impact on your study and work. In order to live a healthy life, we need adequate sleep. So we should quit mobile phone addiction. To this end, you can use a WiFi jammer to block the phone signal at an appropriate time, so that the phone cannot access the Internet.

Of course, we have to pay attention to WiFi networks. Because of the WiFi network, even when there is no cell phone signal, they can still play with their mobile phones in the middle of the night. The small screen of the mobile phone can easily hurt your eyes. So we need WiFi jammers. In order to satisfy both, you can choose mobile phone and WiFi jammer to interfere with the mobile phone signal and WiFi network at the same time. In short, in order to let teenagers rest well, get enough sleep, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we have to use jammers at the right time.