Mobile jammers can be adjusted independently of each other

First of all, open the packing box and confirm whether the main unit and other accessories are complete. Usually, there is a main body, an antenna 8 and an adapter. Then select an area to suppress the signal and install it on the desk or wall in that area. After the installation is complete, open the WiFi shield. Just install the telephone circuit breaker, and then press the power switch to work with the interference device. You can turn off all mobile phones on site. You will not be able to make calls. Some people call in the car or lobby. I want to avoid getting into trouble as much as possible. It is a WiFi shield that can be used in this situation. You can interfere with the radio waves of your mobile phone. There are many types of mobile cell phone jammer devices. There are different sizes, shapes, working principles and blocking ranges. You can effectively suppress transmission and reception. Hidden tracking device can suppress the camcorder. has many benefits. Directional antennas are easy to install, operate and maintain. Effectively block the frequency in a wide range.

It is designed to prevent cell phone communication. RF communication can be blocked in the VHF band and UHF band. It has a powerful ability to block signals of different frequencies at the same time. There are various application areas. It emits disturbing radio waves. Provide data security and protection. Mobile phone jammers are specially designed for mobile devices. It often appears in important places such as government facilities, military facilities, embassies, etc. It can completely block all communication frequencies from 20MHz to 3000MHz at the same time. It is an environmentally friendly equipment. Disable all types of cell phone signals within the working range. It can work stably and continuously in various environments. Some of them are waterproof and impact resistant. Get high-quality GPS modules at a favorable price. There are independent switches for interference in each frequency band. The transmit power in each single frequency range can be adjusted independently of each other. Due to the large transmitting power, the shielding range of the mobile phone is very wide.