WiFi jammer blocks wireless data transmission

With the development of the market economy and the advancement of technology, mobile phones have more and more functions. Often used in daily life. It brings us a lot of convenience, but it also has a troublesome side. Send messages via mobile phone during the exam. Some situations have disrupted classroom teaching activities. Use WiFi radio shielding to maintain normal education order and ensure the quality of education. After installing the wifi jammer, it will be a separate space. In order to ensure that the health of students is not affected, the school attaches great importance to the quality of products. Electromagnetic radiation complies with relevant standards. The signal shielding range is limited to the classroom. Telephone jammers must not harm the rights of others and the public interest. Since we enjoy the freedom of citizens, we cannot exceed this appropriate limit.

There are equipment for broadcasting radio frequency signals. Used by communications and such radio jammers. The jammer is designed with super-altitude radio frequency transmission and high power. There are functions such as remote control. Equipped with ultra-wideband frequency band. This is a WiFi jammer. Depending on the use environment and model, it may not be possible. I have seen a multifunctional signal jammer that can shield multiple signals at the same time. It is powered by batteries. A power switch can be provided for each different frequency band. An important place has become a huge area of ​​overall challenge and job security. Disable wireless transmission. A mobile wifi jammer, very suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a large area. You can effectively suppress the transmission and reception of signals from various digital devices. It has different sizes, shapes, working principles and blocking ranges. Effectively block Wifi frequencies in a wide range. You can block wireless data transmission.