Mobile jammers have a wide range of applications

If you really choose the mobile phone barrier, there is after-sales service to deal with the problems in the auditorium. It can be repaired in time. You can also guarantee future use. The after-sales service should also be emphasized. This can be used as a solution to the problem. In special circumstances, you can prevent information leakage and ensure fairness. You need a cell phone jammer to block cell phone signals. There are certain methods and means. Actively think about the reality. The work is progressing smoothly. The level of personal mobile communication technology has been significantly improved. 3G and 4G technologies are very common. Smartphones do not work properly in areas such as prisons and detention centers. The installation of cell phone jammers in prisons has reached the point of imminence. Each base station has a different power and number of channels. The distance between each base station and the prison may be different. We recommend that you do not install base stations within a range of 2-300 m from the monitoring area. If the base station is too close, the signal will have a strong influence.

The appearance is very beautiful. We work hard to find cell phone jammers that target more people. The suppression device has a signal cut-off function. Function, appearance, and innovation are constantly improving. Solve the appearance problem plagued by conferences. Mobile phone jammers use directional transmitting antennas. The transmitting power is only 2W, and the radioactivity value is much lower than other ultra-distance devices. Not a cell phone signal jammer, but also a cell phone signal detector. It can be blocked for a long time. It can detect cell phone signals. This is the future trend. There is no radiation from smartphone jammers. It is equipped with a remote control. influential. The application range of mobile phone jammers is not a limiting factor. Increase the application location to a higher level during use. Mobile phone signal jammers will not be disconnected from electronic devices due to mobile phone communication or wireless LAN signals. It is harmless to the human body and can be widely used. Mobile phone jammers are used in places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as the government, military, finance, securities, and prisons. The use of signal jammers for telephone handsets is widely used for testing. The test field is currently the most used place for mobile phone signal jammers on the market.