Mobile jammers can improve security against fraud

In order to serve millennial customers, Adam Aaron, CEO of AMC Theatres, told Variety Magazine that he would accept the possibility that some theater people would write lyrics. The social media channels were immediately illuminated by angry fans, and AMC Cinemas responded immediately. “According to your suggestion, the auditorium of AMC theaters is not allowed to send text messages today, today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.” Fight against personal consumption. Confront the competition of paid movie services, streaming media, VOD, and home theater systems. If cinemas don’t pay more attention, the nostalgia of car cinemas will soon be relied on by large retail chains like BlockBuster. They have shown insufficient vision, so if they agree that cinema chains cannot accept telephone calls between movies, how will they implement it? This policy?

Number circuit breakers are also used in universities, schools, government agencies and prisons. Blocking conversations in these places will certainly not be distracting. According to the contract, the defendant and the student are not allowed to contact others or strangers to cheat. Therefore, the benefits of using portable cellular signal cell phone jammer are immeasurable. This is a mandatory addition to safer areas such as camps and prisons. Prevent illegal communication between visitors and prisoners. Today, it is also used in libraries and movie theaters. Therefore, you can use jammers to maintain a calm atmosphere, prevent fraud, and improve security. Keep in mind that interfering devices are not designed to harm or harm the public. They give people peace and tranquility.