Cell Phone Jammers Ban Cell Phone Ringtones

In recent years, NICT has continued to grow. Among them, the mobile phone or cell phone has completely changed the way we communicate and our daily life. Mobile phones are now widely used, with normal frequencies and common frequency bands including GSM, CDMA, DCS and PCS. And now with the rapid development of high technology and 3G, 4G signal has also entered the market. And these frequency bands are widely used in countries all over the world. If NTIC brings us comfort and ease of communication, we regret that some people have diverted these technologies from their primary function to the ability to commit uncivilized or even more serious, malicious or terrorist acts. Cell phones are banned at gas stations, but many public places are starting to ban them. It may also be banned in some private places. We’ve heard about cell phone signal jammer and cell phone jammers in schools, and as people become more reliant on cell phones, many companies have conference rooms with adjustable equipment, and we’re starting to install it. Cell phone jammers hold conference leaders during meetings to create meetings and order, turn on no ringtone distractions, and adjust the level of distraction in the conference room. This not only affects normal use outside, but also provides a meeting environment.

If a cell phone ringing interrupts a speaker’s thinking in an important meeting, it can confuse him and distract attendees. Since it is impolite to use a cell phone in a conference room to ring important bells, internet-era cell phones have been increasingly banned in many previous meetings. How would you feel if you heard your phone ring frequently during the meeting as part of a meeting? Even if I’m not happy with this behavior, I think you’ll be as pissed off as scolding the phone owner. This is not an unfortunate ending, and we try to avoid such unpleasant consequences. What you want to see, a conference room using a cell phone jammer, it is very necessary to use it in the conference room, you can see the above and many advantages of banning underdevelopment You have more than just banning mobile phone ringtones , and the use of mobile phones is also prohibited during this period.