Cell Phone Jammers Ban Communication Signals

Jailbreak cell phone signal jammer decides to block all cell phone signals in jail, we have two high power versions, each band output power up to 100 watts, it can be customized up to 7 for GSM Jammer, DCS, PCS, 3G, 4G LTE Winmax Frequency band signal; supports up to 6 frequency bands, the 90-degree antenna protection range can reach 60 meters, the two frequency bands are combined into one, and the centralized installation of 20-30 units can protect all mobile phone signals, which is the best solution for every cell blockage. We’re tired of being interrupted, especially in important places, and I’m tired of my phone ringing. The leader presided over an important meeting and was annoyed by the ringing of his cell phone. For meetings, use cell phone frequency interference in the conference room to maintain a good environment.

Phone ringtones make people more tired, especially in some quiet public places. In many places, the widespread use of mobile phones has banned the use of mobile phones, because the use of mobile phones will affect the rest and work of others, as well as others. In addition, as such a gas station, there is also a clear prohibition of use. The use of mobile phones, but the deceleration effect of mobile phones will affect the use of such devices, but many are located in these places where people use them. It is very dangerous for us to use mobile phones at gas stations, and there is a high possibility of explosion. . We need to keep the content of the meeting confidential. You know, important national meetings will last for several days, mobile phones are banned, and the outside world cannot be disturbed. This is not just a national conference, it has been adopted by many corporate conferences, such as banning mobile phones, gradually installing mobile phone jammers.