Cell phone jammers bring security to life

The price of mobile phone jammers we are talking about is cheaper, not to say that under the premise of affecting the quality, but to say that when the quality is the same, it can really make the price cheaper, then in the process of use can there be more Therefore, everyone needs to understand it carefully in the process of doing it. In the process of choosing equipment, any one should not sacrifice quality as a sacrifice, but should really pay attention to more of them, and have some consideration for the whole price, and then make a choice. There are many devices of the same type, we can compare them carefully, pay attention to the price of mobile cell phone jammer, and choose on this basis, the same quality will naturally be cheaper in terms of price. In the process of selection, everyone should not think that shopping around is to compare prices. We should build on the same quality, and then compare prices, so as to be comparable, otherwise some of the work you do is simply There is no comparability, so it will affect us.

At this stage, there are many types of mobile phone jammers on the market, with different signal strengths, interference frequency bands, and coverage areas. Especially in some “three-no” products, the quality is not smooth, the transmission index value is poor, and the microwave radio frequency module does not press Segment manipulation, the uplink and downlink frequencies interfere together. Through the specific detection and control of the performance indicators of various mobile phone signal jammers, the mobile phone signal jammers can be divided into three categories according to the performance indicators. meters to tens of meters; the other type is a small output power multi-wireless channel mobile phone signal jammer, the signal strength of the stand-alone version is 5-10 watts, the signal strength of each wireless channel is 1-5 watts, and the shielding range is how many meters to tens of meters; The three types are high-power or ultra-high-power jammers, which are generally dedicated to special industries, such as jammers dedicated to public security organs and judicial departments. The output power varies from tens of watts to hundreds of tens of watts. There are also multiple wireless channels.