Will cell phone jammers make up for signal holes?

The so-called shielding efficiency refers to whether there are blind spots or leaks in the shielding effect. In the vicinity of some prisons, there may be transmitting base stations with strong mobile phone signals. In order to achieve a good shielding effect, it will take a lot of materials and energy accordingly, and the cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, the better the shielding effect, the higher the cost will be. In practical application, the shielding requirements of the prison area are generally higher, and there are slight leaks and blind spots. The offenders may seize this loophole, so that the mobile phone can be used in the originally stipulated shielding area, and the original intention of shielding the mobile phone cannot be achieved. If the original non-fault service life is 1 year, and the actual use of the fault-free service reaches 3 years, the cost performance will be tripled. If the original fault-free service life is 1 year, and the actual use is less than half a year, there are often failures. Although it is a free warranty, the risk caused is immeasurable, and the personnel resources are also wasted. The corresponding cost-effectiveness is greatly reduced.

The higher the output power of the mobile cell phone jammer , the better the expected effect, I don’t think that’s the case. For example, an indoor space design is about 350-600 square meters, and it is necessary to choose to interfere with the mobile phone signal interference of about 700 square meters. Not the more the better. The interference power of the terminal mobile phone signal has a safety factor range of the output power. Some consumers have said why when the short video signal is very close, most of the shopkeepers’ machines lose the expected effect, while some shopkeepers expect the effect to be very good. The author believes that when the short video signal is close, the data signal has a greater impact on the expected effect. I think the supporting documents are reasonable. Is to follow the safety factor is to derive the power range. On the contrary, when the short video signal is very close, it is very good to interfere with the expected effect, and the export power is not bad. It should be noted that this machine equipment has exceeded all normal use safety factor derived power. It is not that there will be harm to the uplink and downlink short video signals, and there are also potential safety hazards, so consumers who buy should pay attention. Therefore, the output power of the mobile phone signal jammer is not higher and higher.