Portable jammers are easy to use and transport and much cheaper than large GPS jammers

GPS signal jamming devices vary by type.Portable jammer is the most popular type of all GPS interceptor. Portable jammers are easy to use and transport, and much cheaper than large, high-capacity GPS jammers. The price of portable signal interceptors is always around one or two hundred dollars.

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How to choose a clean GPS signal blocker for yourself? This is really difficult for users who know little about these devices. To sum up, you can follow the rule of thumb about the price of GPS signal shield: the larger the working radius, the higher the price traditional signal shields can provide a shielding range of about 30 meters, while some high-end shields can even effectively shield GPS signals up to 1.5 kilometers.

There is no doubt that these latest jammers are much more expensive than ordinary jammers. In addition to price, there are many other aspects to consider, including structure and durability. If you want to install GPS jammer equipment in a larger outdoor area, you must pay more for the high-end type with waterproof design. Similarly, the antenna direction will be different.

Some GPS jammers may be more suitable for covering large areas, such as buildings, while other GPS jammers may target more specific points. The antenna can radiate many different field types, and the working radius or range should meet your needs without invading other areas nearby. Also determine if you need compatible accessories such as adapters, chargers, and power supplies. Finally, don’t forget to specify the operating frequency of the device. Therefore, please pay attention to this in case you receive the wrong GPS signal blocker.