High-tech space weapon -GPS jammer

A new round of space war competition -GPS jamming confrontation

It comes at different times, and in different forms. But as they have charted the war in southeast Ukraine over the past year, drones flown by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe have run into the same problem: Russian troops on the ground are GPS signal jammer them into virtual blindness.

China is building an array of high-technology space arms – anti-satellite missiles, lasers, GPS jammers and killer satellites – that Beijing says will give its military strategic advantage in a future conflict with the United States.

The Chinese are believed to have three ASAT-capable vehicles currently orbiting space, and future systems could include orbiting electronic jammers, small satellites with robotic arms, laser beam weapons, and exploding satellites.

GPS jamming and spoofing are often classified as “electronic warfare” by US officials instead of “cyber warfare.” We don’t understand why that is since signal jammerand spoofing can neutralize end use devices, cut off IT pathways, and can introduce false data into a variety of systems. Detecting and deterring GPS jamming and spoofing could be quick wins for cyber warriors.

The North has been sending GPS-jamming signals since Thursday from various locations near the heavily-fortified border, the Defence Ministry said. GPS jamming is an act of provocation. We urge the North to stop such provocative acts and behave in a manner that would help improve inter-Korean relations.

At the moment, U.S. Army battalions typically assign two soldiers to the EW mission, and they will “have to do 24-hour operations” in battle against sophisticated enemies, Church said. That includes planning and coordinating with other battalion units as well as ensuring that their own jammers and advanced communications tools are working. “There’s too much to do for those guys in a battalion,” Church said. “So how do you maintain in a high-intensity environment against a peer enemy?”

Ukraine, which is equipped with easily jammed electronic systems, has proved to be a perfect place for Moscow to showcase its EW prowess. The Russian effort “is likely not aimed at Ukraine as much as it is aimed at NATO and more serious adversaries,” said Dmitry Gorenburg, a senior research scientist at CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization.