Multiple functions of GPS jammers

GPS jamming and anti-jamming – the future of the U.S. military

The GPS signal jammer overwhelm GPS signals, which are relatively weak. The Pentagon has long acknowledged that its navigation and guidance systems can be flummoxed by interference, and has sought to install weapons and vehicles with backup guidance systems _ or ensure troops could use old-fashioned maps and compasses in the case that GPS is blocked.

The most probable use would be for law enforcement trying to stop illegal (but non-malicious) use of drones. Of course, the scenarios have to also have environments that would have jammed UAVs landing in open fields, etc, rather than in stadium crowds, etc.

The device is a directional GPS jammer; it might possibly be also designed to mess with controls, but it’s primary mode of operation would almost certainly be as a directional GPS noise jammer; in other words, it just spews noise over the GPS signal, rendering the GPS signal impossible to discern without a well shielded and fairly directional GPS antenna.

The device is intended to jam BOTH the GPS and the control. It’s basically a broadband highly directional RF **EDIT** cannon. Wyatt does not understand how RF works if he thinks “write some code to ignore the jamming” is plausible. That’s not how it works. The intent of this device is to block the GPS and control frequencies. This cuts off it’s ability to operate manually and autonomously.

According to Braasch, the RAIM feature of IFR approach-approved GPS units should provide a warning if gsm jammer or other problems cause the GPS position to become inaccurate: “RAIM is basically a form of fault detection. It looks at the ranges from all the satellites in view, and checks to see if they’re consistent with each other. If one is inconsistent, it’s ignored.

GPS Jammer is designed for area and assets protection against satellite navigated threats like GPS guided missiles. The SCL-APSNT can also be used against low flying UAVs to prevent reconnaissance of important place. GPS jammer can be effectively used in combat situations for eliminating satellite navigated guided weapon systems, missiles and ground/airborne threats It is designed to operate on all satellite navigation system available today or in the near future including GPS, GPS II, GALILEO and GLONASS at different power levels. It is upgradable to operate on COMPASS. (SCL-APSNT) provides protection ranges from 30 Km to 150 Km depending on the power output of the jammer and the envisaged region of coverage.