What are the benefits of using jammers in the classroom

Since a classroom usually is not of very large area, then a portable mobile phone jammer is recommended, which is quite convenient to carry and put into use– What you need to do is simply press the button to switch it on. Surely, you needn’t worry about an emergency that someone needs to make a phone call, they can just walk out the classroom and make the call without disrupting others. Or you can just switch off the jammer unit when needed.

According to this, the larger the headmaster of the affiliated high school of suzhou office anyone miss li reply, school at the weekend for classroom installed mobile phone signal shielding device, including up to three, “blockers only open during the test, in order to prevent the phenomenon of individual students unconsciously, the organization of test specification, guarantee the objective and fair.” She said the school does not encourage students to carry mobile phones in principle, and it also stipulates that mobile phones cannot be used in teaching areas and teaching hours.

As for the radiation problem, the school installation cell phone jammer are open tenders, and the purchased products meet safety standards through national quality inspection. The scope of influence is limited to the dormitory area, not affecting the surrounding residents. In addition, the radiation test was also called, and the results showed that the radiation was very low and did not affect health.

Some people are against it

The reporter came to the west to the great suzhou to visit the site. School students xiao zhao said that they recently in the school’s official website to see the purchasing signal jammer notice, “since entering high school, every test, the teacher will take it into the classroom, a power supply plug can use, very convenient.” Mr. Zhao said he didn’t know whether the shield would be open at ordinary times because he didn’t have a cell phone.

While many feel installing jammers in schools is not a solution as children have access to internet at several other places including at their homes and in open wi-fi zones across the city, some feel it as a good initiative. Children in adolescent years do not have enough maturity to make proper use of internet. Sometimes out of curiosity or under peer pressure they may get exposed to content which they should not. It is a very good initiative to install jammers so that even unintentionally anyone cannot commit such a mistake.