Why do more and more people want to use jammers

Cell phone jammers in everyday life may seem like a pretty good idea: Who wants to sit next to someone on the train who’s yammering away to their doctor about the gross details of their last bowel movement? Wouldn’t you get more work done in the library or at your job if you stopped texting your best friend every two minutes?

In addition to this. Cell phone use in classrooms is now so rampant that the students now think they have a right to use them during class. They are not listening to instruction and directions need to be repeated many times because they were texting, listening to music on their phone playing a game or watching a video or movie. Some students have even taken or made a voice call during class. In this case, the cell phone jammer should be used.

As for the radiation problem, the school installation jammers are open tenders, and the purchased products meet safety standards through national quality inspection. The scope of influence is limited to the dormitory area, not affecting the surrounding residents. In addition, the radiation test was also called, and the results showed that the radiation was very low and did not affect health.

Schools began using jamming devices

Many users are not like the ones mentioned above who want to be quiet in the car. From business institutions, schools, hospitals to Banks, even police agencies, there is demand for mobile 4G jammer, and demand is growing because there are more and more things to do. A company in the United States is said to have invented a device that can interfere with camera functions.

There are devices which will interfere with the phone signal, in essence pretending to be a base station while not being one. The problem with that is that it disables emergency calls. In theory, you could implement something which switched phones to “manner mode” when they were in a location where calling was not allowed (since the operator always knows where the phones are). But nobody has suggested this either as a product or a standard, evne though it would not be particularly difficult. Perhaps beacuse the ones who would have to pay for it would be the cinema owners, restaurateurs

Many detainees continue to organize their illegal drug trades from inside prison walls. A cell phone is an essential means for the detainee to keep the drug organization running and closely controlled. By contacting visitors before they arrive, prisoners can arrange for a transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia, allowing them to continue the same illegal habit that placed them in custody. Frequently, the family endures harassment from its incarcerated relative, demanding bail when the family recognizes the relative is better served remaining in custody.