Many benefits of banning student smartphones

According to the 2015 Credoc survey, 80 percent of French teenagers are equipped with smartphones, compared with 20 percent in 2011. The general situation is that from the fourth grade of primary school, many students began to have mobile phones, since the children can learn from their own parents at this age, and parents believe that they can feel more comfortable with their mobile phones at any time. At the same time, the influence of mobile phones on the learning, thinking and analysis of teenagers, and even interference is a concern of the education community.

The teens who took part in the study took standardized tests to see if they were addicted to the Internet and smartphone. Participants in smartphone addiction admitted that the use of the Internet and cell phone jammer interfered with their daily, social, sleep and work learning abilities. The teens also scored significantly higher on depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity than the control group (scores did not indicate Internet addiction). The good news is that the proportion of brain chemicals in those addicted to mobile phones can return to near-normal levels after receiving cognitive behavioral therapy..

How to disable smartphone – phone signal jamming devices

Canada recently a lot of parents are talking about in the school campus “mobile war” : with the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students have a hand, or their use of mobile phones in class electronic reading text messaging, private, or cotton to show off the campus: exclusive or new features, let the teachers a headache.

If students don’t behave, how will they be punished if they use their cell phones in the classroom? Most Canadian provinces are specified, the teacher has the right to classroom to take coercive measures of “necessary” to maintain the teaching order, some provinces such as Ontario) will be more “student classroom cell phone use” included in the category of “interference teaching order” clearly, Toronto, a high school had a student in the classroom use cell phones to see e-books, phone was confiscated by the teacher, the student protests in the joint was eventually rejected.

GPS denial is a becoming a huge issue for American military planners. Peer states, especially Russia, are already putting GPS spoofing and 4G jammer tactics to work during various training events near their own borders. We have discussed this situation in great depth before, and I would suggest you read this article to understand just how deeply the loss of reliable global positioning system data can mean for the U.S. and its allies during a time of war, as well as what is being done to overcome such a monumental hurdle.