The research of electromagnetic interference is getting deeper and deeper

The fact that the Department of Defense is going to execute wide-spread GPS jamming operations during such a high-end exercise is more proof of just how big of a threat these emerging electronic warfare tactics pose. It will be interesting to see if the USAF admits that the technology was indeed used for Red Flag after the exercise concludes, but considering that there are a whole number of position, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies being developed in hopes to help overcome the loss of GPS signal jammer during combat, advisories like this one that occur during major military exercises will likely become increasingly normal in the years to come.

if what they are doing is jamming, then if you are getting timing information from a gps receiver and your receiver is in range of the jammer you will get the timing information from the jamming signal, so yes, however the USAF _might_ be including the correct timing information in their jamming signal in order to reduce any side effects of their exercise…

The development of jamming technology in recent years

In contrast to previous years, in the college entrance examin+ation, three students have been fine-tuning procedures for students’ passing through security. “It used to be that staff checked students out of the classroom door.” “So this year we are extending this program to the classroom,” said zhang dexi, who said that the area was part of the classroom where the surveillance cameras could not be filmed. According to de-xi zhang introduces, of the three candidates will enter the examination site, after the door of the classroom by the teacher again to security, “so we monitoring room staff observations can be clear at a glance, to ensure that each security personnel security for each student.”

Signal 4G jammer, hd camera, synchronous clock… In the eyes of ordinary citizens, the electronic devices that should have appeared in American blockbusters or some high-end organizations have quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of huaian university. Controversy also ensued, with classmates reflecting the poor reception of mobile phones and the feeling of being watched. To find out, yesterday morning, the reporter undertook a field visit to the school.

As much as jails and prisons try to keep out cell phones through sophisticated metal detectors, inmates keep figuring out a way to smuggle them in. Experts say the only way to keep inmates from using them to conduct criminal activity is through cell phone jamming technology in state and local corrections facilities.