GPS jamming weapon is a new research direction

Vehicle GPS Jammer detector can help car driver to check if any signal jammer hidden in vehicles, taxi, cargo for fleet protection. Anti-theft GPS Jamming Detector can catch not only automobile thieves but also traffic violators that have RF signal blocking devices.

Perfectjammer said Oct. 10 it is actively seeking a larger buyer or other investor for the startup company, which has crafted a portable rifle-style drone jammer that blocks video and forces the drone to land safely and without

It bothers me a little that they don’t seem to understand the systems they’re jamming, and preying on the fears of the mis-informed in the process. Oh, no doubt at all it’s easy for someone who knows how to use Google and a soldering iron to build a cell phone jammer, even if only by accident. I recall a lecturer once talking about a VHF/UHF system that had some particularly bad harmonics which were jamming the GPS receivers in a harbour.

A single KAMAZ heavy truck controls three Orlans, one of which acts as a communications relay while the others carry both airborne jammers and disposable jammers they drop to the ground. The whole system, known collectively as Leer-3, can shut down a cellphone network, selectively interfere with only some phones, or broadcast text messages to deceive and demoralize.

Many counter-drone technologies, however, are far less dramatic and instead rely on radio-frequency jamming to take out the offending UAV. The DoD’s Navy Special Warfare Command in July signed a $1.5 million contract with SkySafe to develop a vehicle-mounted RF jammer that can identify, track and disable enemy UAVs before they can get close enough to do harm to friendly troops.

“Russia appears to have switched on a mobile communications jammer in Kaliningrad, a very powerful one that wasn’t aimed at Latvia, but towards Gotland, the Aland Islands,” explained Karlis Serzants, the deputy chairman of the Latvian parliament’s National Security Committee.