The role of GPS jamming devices in personal safety

The gprs signal scrambler is designed to suppress the signal of the global GPS satellite navigation system in the range 1500-1600 MHz. GPS suppressor makes it impossible to control the movement of the car through GPS navigators, as well as GPS bugs and GPS trackers, while the lock does not interfere with the operation of cell phones and other devices. The radius of suppression of navigation in practice can be from 5 to 15 meters, which is quite enough for a car, truck or bus, because the tracker is usually installed inside the car’s cabin.

But this method whether it works? different people have different opinions.

From the masses’ point of view, this method seems to have the meaning of “stealing a chicken without being an anti-corrosion meter.” There are netizens that can not crack WIFI hacker hacker is not a good hacker, some people say that no wifi can also use the Internet access ~ of course, some people think that this approach seems to hinder human rights. However, from the British police’s point of view, this cell phone jammer method instead of serving prison sentences not only reduces the pressure on capital investment, but also better punish hackers.

Regular investment in the military expenditure is one of the major growth driver for the signal jammer market. Increasing usage of unmanned aerial vehicle in the restricted areas and growing need to restrain the usage of unauthorized electronic gadget in the exam hall and very large gathering are also the key growth drivers for the signal jammer market.

Chief of the GFP, Gavin Thomas, recently claimed that convicted hackers should wear jammer to replace prison terms to ensure they can not connect to the Internet. Thomas said that this is the correct way to punish hackers, each year can save a lot of costs. At present, one prisoner in prison in the UK consumes an average of £ 38,000 a year on government spending, and a wireless network jammer is much cheaper.