Signal strength feels like signal jammer distance

All know that if you use a cell phone jammer blockers distance signal strength is based on using blockers places, so we have no equipment users how to test using signal strength, under the first simple say signal strength is based on three operators to install mobile unicom, telecom base station, the density of user mobile phone dial handset automatically if connection is located near the operator base station signal, we say the signal strength is user connected to the base station location, if the signal strength stronger pertaining to the user as close to the base station, mobile phone signal strength the further away from the base station is the less, So today we teach you a simple way to test the mobile phone signal strength of the users of the bo chuang space brand mobile phone signal shielding device. First of all, we have several kinds of common method to test the signal strength, the factory is to use the bo gen space-time immobilizer professional debugging equipment “spectrometer” can quickly identify the surrounding base station signal strength, also can quickly detect mobile base station signal intensity, unicom base station signal strength, the telecom mobile phone base station signal strength, and so on…

Using professional equipment testing usually expensive, users also use inconvenient must have trained professionals to use, the second method is to use professional software testing data, Perfectjammer teaching ordinary users can use a simple way to test need to install the bo gen space-time blockers places the signal intensity of the signal, first of all, we are going to a mobile phone, unicom, telecom phone a, as long as the android system of mobile phone can be, so we can use mobile phone test installation today have a space-time blockers places the signal intensity of the signal, Other unicom, telecommunication mobile phone test method is same.

Concrete block distance phone signal shielding device is according to use a mobile phone signal shielding device used in signal intensity and calm, if our users can accurately test site to use the cell phone signal strength, then we can customize according to the signal intensity of use site, cell phone signal strength is also use blockers from mobile phone base stations of distance, if use blockers as close to the base station near the mobile phone signal shielding device is very close, if the farther from mobile phone base stations, mobile phone signal shielding so immobilizer distance is more far effect is better, the above test data is static signal strength, If you need accurate signal strength data, you can test it by following the steps above when you make a phone call. If you want to know how to determine the impact of the signal strength of the mobile phone on the shielding device, how far away from the mobile phone base station to use the shielding device to play a better role