In addition to the meter jumper, blackest taxi also has a signal blocker

Taking a taxi has become one of the indispensable ways to travel in our life. It is much faster than buses, convenient and fast, and is popular among the public. In nanjing, however, “the blackest taxi” was suddenly found. Why is it called “the blackest taxi”? Because he not only installed “meter jumper”, but also installed “cell phone jammer“! Ms. Zhang, who was only aware of it after the event, broke into a cold sweat.

On the day of the incident, Ms. Zhang had to catch a plane and got into a taxi near the train station. Because it is often take this route, so for the price is very clear, generally in 150 yuan fluctuation, did not expect to arrive at the destination, the meter showed 250 yuan! Although full of suspicion, but Ms. Zhang still paid the fare, when asked for the invoice, the driver was very reluctant, but finally gave a print, but did not bring the license plate number, Ms. Zhang also took a picture of the license plate number after getting off the car with a mobile phone, strange is after getting off the phone signal immediately restored.

Because in a hurry on a business trip so there is no report at the time, after the return of her first reported to taxi companies, then call the police, after the survey didn’t think there is no what she had taken a taxi number, then the local police and ms zhang “willing” to the train station, and sure enough, to the “black taxi”, after police checks for rent, found the car it was filled with “jump”, but not only that, also install the blockers “signal”, what is this? According to the statement, Yang, a taxi driver, earned more than 3,000 yuan illegally and installed such equipment just to make more money. Yang has been detained in accordance with the law and fined 2,700 yuan for being unable to drive for seven days.