The significance of mobile phone jammer promotion

At present, cell phone jammer have become one of the necessary devices in many exam places. Its function is to be able to block the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone can not work properly. So what does it mean to spread it across the country?

First, nationwide promotion of mobile phone signal shielding device is actually a signal. The state and the government are cracking down on cheating. But some cheats cannot be caught in time. Therefore, it is very scientific and reasonable to test with such equipment. This device has many advantages. Its shielding capability can be set according to the time period. For example, from the beginning of the exam to the end of the exam, you can set it to work all the time. Stop work after the end, so that not only can effectively eliminate cheating behavior, but also does not affect the normal use of mobile phones after the exam.

Mobile phone signal blockers have long been the scourge of cheating. Whether cheating through headphones or mobile phones, signals are needed to communicate. But it can effectively change the signal transmission of the communication equipment, so that the whole examination area will not have any signal through. This will reduce cheating a lot. Therefore, as a company selling mobile phone signal blockers, sunzone mingda company thinks it is very valuable to promote this device nationwide.