Smartphones need to work with phone jammers

Also it is worth mentioning that modern mobile phones work with those networks in a different manner. If you’ll connect an iPhone to a 3G network it will show a 3G icon on the status bar, while the device will work with HSPA standard and its varieties like HSUPA, HSPDA or HSPA+. That is so because the speed of the 3G may vary in a great spectrum, and various protocols work with different speeds. The original 3G network without additional superstructures would be able to reach a maximum data transmission speed up to 384 Kbit/s, which is a rather low speed for modern mobile networks.

Another interesting fact is that the LTE standard, that is associated with a fourth generation of mobile communications is actually still closer to 3G. LTE failed to meet the ITC’s expectations and that’s why it is still 3G, but much more advanced. They even use different frequencies, while 3G works with 2000-2100 MHz, LTE uses 875 MHz, though those frequencies may vary depending on the country and the carrier. That LTE standard is used not only for mobile Internet access, but for hidden video surveillance too. Such hidden cameras are still very expensive and rare, but they are the most reliable way for hidden video surveillance. That’s why we’ve made our best to create an LTE jamming device that is compatible with all the previous mobile generation and standards.

The 4G LTE is currently the fastest mobile internet that you can use. The bad thing is that since it is relatively new, most of the mobile carriers from all over the world are not yet supporting it, or even if they do – the prices are pretty high. In this article we will have to take the opposite opinion – the opinion of the people who are tired of all those annoying jib-jabbers and chatters who use their phones permanently. And what is the easiest way to prevent them from doing so? Of course – cell phone jammer.

It might be considered as even dangerous simply because you need to know that most of the countries have put a restriction on the usage of any kinds of blocking technologies. Take a close look at your local laws because they are the most important in this case. You also need to know that there are many Internet forums and places that are pretty good and should be visited. There you can ask your questions for 4G and you can be sure that you will get the right answers. Or if you want, you can visit some of your local stores and check for 4G signal blocker.